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Due to current reductions in government funding, the number of accepted registrations for ACE courses is limited. In order to ensure your place, please register EARLY!
ACE start dates:
June 1, 2017
Sept 1, 2017
Nov 1, 2017

ACE (Academic And Career Entrance) courses are an excellent way to provide you with those high school subjects that are missing from your diploma. These government-funded courses are designed to enable you to meet the requirements for post-secondary studies as well as certain apprenticeships. They are NOT high school credits and will not lead to a high school diploma.

Before taking one of these courses, you must complete an online assessment

Available ACE Courses:

A generous amount of time is scheduled for each course. How long it will take you to complete each one will depend entirely on how much time you are able to dedicate each day. ACE courses are self-paced and may be completed well in advance of the actual course end date.

Please visit Ace Distance Delivery and read the information shown under Frequently Asked Questions. It will explain how to get signed up for your course.

Once you have fulfilled the requirements, you will be approved to register for your course with any Ontario Learn college that offers them. Please send your confirmation email to us at

ACE Course Descriptions

Biology SCIE130
Biology is the study of life. The ACE Biology course is a study of the organization and energy of life. The course begins with a study of the common features of all life. All students will choose one module of study of the human body and will then choose to do either a second module on the human body or a module on plant biology. All students will study environmental biology which is the study of the interaction of living organisms with each other and with the abiotic, or non-living, parts of our universe. The ACE Biology course focuses on the changing environment on planet Earth, a current and crucial issue.
Pre-requisite: Learn To Learn

Chemistry SCIE128
This Chemistry course provides learners with a strong knowledge of chemistry as it applies to industry and environmental issues. Emphasis is given to analyzing problems, performing laboratory exercises and communicating scientific information effectively. The content of the course reflects the needs of many adult learners entering post-secondary college program in health and environmental sciences. As such, it allows learners to complete three core units and two elective units of study.
Pre-requisite: Learn To Learn and Core Math (Please contact us regarding an excemption for the Core Math requirement)

Physics SCIE129
ACE Physics will enable the learner to develop a foundation in the fundamental concepts of physics. The learner will qualitatively and quantitatively study and explore the topics of forces and motion; energy and simple machines; waves, sound, light, and optics; electricity and magnetism; and hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The emphasis will be on understanding the underlying physical concepts and principles, and applying them to a diversity of practical systems.
Pre-requisite: Learn To Learn

Communications COMM136
Successful learners must be effective communicators in academic, personal and work settings. Effective communicators are able to express themselves well when presenting and defending ideas and opinions by using oral, visual, and written forms of communications. Graduates who achieve the learning outcomes will have well-developed communications skills that will prepare them for success in a variety of college post secondary programs and the workplace.
Pre-requisite: Learn To Learn

Computers COMP375
The Ace Online Computer course has been designed to address new computer users who have very little (if any) experience. It is not based on a specific operating system and/or application program(s), although specific examples are used throughout the course. The course starts with hardware and software (2 types) followed by the introduction and skills necessary for students to feel comfortable with the computer environment and management skills necessary to be able communicate online with the instructor as soon as possible. It then moves forward to address common student questions and concerns and then introduces additional communication tools, such as the Internet. Ethical issues and safety are then approached in a scenario-based manner to ensure an excellent understanding when using the computer as a communication tool. Next students are introduced to and walked through generating documents from start to finish based on four of the main types of application software necessary in today's workplace technology.
Pre-requisite: Learn To Learn

Core Math MATH92
The Core Mathematics course is designed to give students a grounding in varied aspects of Mathematics, including numeric and algebraic operations; measurement and geometry; collecting, displaying and analyzing data; mathematical relationships; statistics and probability; simple and compound interest; and everyday financing.
Pre-requisite: Learn To Learn

Apprenticeship Math MATH94
ACE Apprenticeship mathematics is designed for students preparing for various college apprenticeship programs and/or workplace who have completed ACE Core Mathematics and wish to consolidate their basic mathematical skills and improve their problem-solving techniques. Units of study include number sense and algebra; measurement and geometry; proportional reasoning; analytic geometry; relations and functions; trigonometric functions; statistics and probability; and personal finance.
Pre-requisite: Learn To Learn and ACE Core Math

Technology Math MATH93
The Technology Mathematics course builds on and expands the fundamental algebraic skills mastered in Core Mathematics. The objective of the course is to prepare students to have the necessary mathematical skills to prepare for mathematics-focused college post secondary programs. Students who successfully achieve the learning outcomes will be able to apply their skills to solve applied problems involving trigonometry, polynomial/rational exponential expressions, polynomial/exponential/logarithmic functions, and the principles of geometry and measurement.
Pre-requisite: Learn To Learn and ACE Core Math

Business Mathematics MATH91
This course is designed to increase comprehension and performance of mathematical operations and to involve the student in the application of business mathematical techniques. The material covered includes the study of arithmetic and geometric sequences and series; simple and compound interest; annuities; exponential growth; retail mathematics; data analysis - collecting, organizing, and analyzing data; self-study and the application of learned skills to numerous problems; developing student skills in handling business mathematical problems.
Pre-requisite: Learn To Learn and ACE Core Math

Self Management and Self Direction GNED82
The Self management/Self Direction course provides students with an opportunity to learn and use strategies that can be applied to their academic, employment, and personal life. The strategies will equip them with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours to become effective, confident and flexible learners. The course will focus on areas such as self reflection, critical thinking, goal setting, study skills, organizational skills, group dynamics, and career /employment exploration.
Pre-requisite: Learn To Learn