Exam Information
      for OntarioLearn courses

Because of the current COVID coronavirus crisis, our scheduled exam sessions are suspended.
Please monitor announcements within your course for changes regarding the final assessment of your work this term. We appreciate your patience as updates are being made.
Please contact us at ontariolearn@flemingcollege.ca if you require special accommodations or require further information.
The dates shown below are no longer valid.

Some OntarioLearn courses require you to write a final supervised exam. It is your responsibility to determine if and when you need to write your tests. You will receive this information from your instructor or you can find it on your course outline.

You normally have until the end of the week during which your course ends to complete your test, December excepted. We have scheduled our exam sessions accordingly.
You must book your exam with us no later than one week before your selected date

Booking Your Exams

Please email the following information: Send this as early as possible to reserve your preferred date. Some exam sessions have limited seating capacity. You will receive a confirmation of your booking via email.

Peterborough Campus Exams

JANUARY-start courses

January Paper tests:
   - Sat, April 18, noon
   - Mon, April 20, 6pm
   - Tue, April 21, 6pm
   - Thur, April 23, 6pm

January Online tests:
   - Wed, April 15, 6pm
   - Sat, April 18, 11am
   - Mon, April 20, 5pm (you may start as early as 4pm, no later than 5pm)
   - Tue, April 21, 5pm (you may start as early as 4pm, no later than 5pm)
   - Wed, April 22, 5pm (you may start as early as 4pm, no later than 5pm)
You will need your OntarioLearn login ID and password for online tests.

If you are not certain if your test is paper-based or web-based, please contact your instructor for information.

FEBRUARY-start courses

Wed, May 13, 6pm
(you may start as early as 5pm, no later than 6pm)

MARCH-start courses

Wed, June 10, 6pm
(you may start as early as 5pm, no later than 6pm)

Email us at ontariolearn@flemingcollege.ca to book your tests or make inquiries.
Cobourg Campus Exams

JANUARY-start courses

   Fri, April 17, 12:30pm (both paper and online exams)
   Wed, April 22, 5:00pm (paper exams only)

FEBRUARY-start courses

Email us for test dates

MARCH-start courses

Email us for test dates

Email Colleen Johnston to book your tests or if you need assistance with additional exam dates.
Lindsay (Frost) Campus Exams

All OntarioLearn test dates

Email sherri.crump@flemingcollege.ca or call 1-705-324-9144, ext. 3357

You may have more exams than we have scheduled test dates or need other accommodations. Please contact us as noted above to determine alternatives. Also see below for off-campus testing options.

Completing Your Exams at Alternate Locations/Dates
If you live (or are temporarily residing) outside reasonable driving distance to Peterborough, Cobourg, or Lindsay:
  • To write your exam at any other Ontario college, please contact their OntarioLearn department directly. They will require the same information as above. There may be a fee for writing your test at a location other than Fleming College.
  • If you live (or are temporarily residing) outside reasonable driving distance to a college campus, you can write your exam with an approved off-campus proctor. We recommend Contact North. Pease visit eLearnNetwork/ContactNorth to find a location near you.
    We also accept other agencies. Please download this information package and ask your proctor to complete and send the included form to us at Fleming

Peterborough Campus Information
Sutherland Campus 599 Brealey Drive, Peterborough, Ontario
(Please scroll past the map for locations outside Peterborough.)

Room D1129 is near the entrance of the Technology Wing (KTTC, Wing D), located closest to Brealey drive as you arrive.
The Testing Centre is located on the main floor, across from the Registrar's office, in the rear of the Learning Resource Centre. Enter through the main campus entrance.
These and all other room assignments will be posted in the lobby near the main entrance.

Parking, Sutherland:
Please park in the visitor lot near the main campus entrance. City buses stop on site.
Exception: For exams taking place in the D-wing, please park in the "Birch" and "Spruce" lots (the first two lots you reach when entering the campus) and enter through the Technology wing entrance. For all other room assignments at the Sutherland campus, please park in the main visitor lot and enter via the main campus entrance. Parking fees apply to weekdays only.
Fleming College parking information
Parking, Peterborough

Special Needs
If you require accommodations in order to successfully complete your final exam, please contact us. You will meet with a coordinator at the college to assess your eligibility.

Not a Fleming student?
As part of the OntarioLearn system, you may write your exam at Fleming College (Peterborough, Cobourg or Lindsay) if you are registered with another school. There is currently no fee for that service for OntarioLearn students as long as you write during one of these designated exam sessions. Please follow the same booking procedure as shown above. We will obtain your exam for you and forward it to your faculty when complete. Your final mark will be processed by the school with which you registered.

Exam process
Please arrive well in advance of the start time for your exam to make sure that you are relaxed and ready to concentrate on your work. Please use the washroom before the exam begins as we prefer that participants not leave the room during the test.

You will be required to show a photo ID at the time of your exam. A driver's license, Citizenship card or passport is ideal. A photo Health Card and your student ID (if you are a Fleming post secondary student) are also acceptable.

If your exam is web-based, you will need to have your OntarioLearn login information with you. Invigilators have no access to passwords.

Some exams will allow you to use your books, notes, or a calculator. Make sure to check for this with your instructor before you leave home. Usually, some sort of notice is given on your course page with this information.

You can bring pens and pencils, but no additional paper or notes unless allowed to do so as part of your exam instructions. All personal items other than writing materials must be cleared from the table once your exam is given to you. All electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and other communications tools must be turned off. You cannot use a calculator that is part of your mobile phone applications. The use of any materials not permitted will result in a grade of zero on your exam.

Your instructor will make your final grade available approximately 3 weeks after your course has ended or sooner (it may be longer for courses ending in December, because of shipping delays for written tests). Once we have your mark you will be able to view it on your student portal at www.flemingcollege.ca.
See this page for for instructions about your Fleming student portal
PLEASE NOTE: Some course require a higher-than 50% final grade to pass. Please be sure to find out the passing grade for your course.
If you are completing a certificate program we will mail a final transcript showing all of your marks and your certificate upon completion. If you are completing a certificate program we will mail a final transcript showing all of your marks and your certificate upon completion. If you require a copy of your transcript at any other time, please download and complete this Transcript Request form.