Before You Start
      with Online Learning

Is online learning for you?

To be a successful in this learning environment, you need to:

Are these online courses easier than taking a subject in class?

No. These are college-level, accredited, full-length courses. Thousands of students across Ontario successfully complete their online courses each month, but studying in a web-based environment can bring additional challenges. While choosing your own hours and not having to travel are not just conveniences but also necessities for many students, you do need to be able to use your computer confidently, you must have several hours each week of undisturbed time for each course, and you must have the self-discipline to complete assignments within a scheduled timeline.

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Also check the Online Learning page for greater detail about the OntarioLearn courses.

Computer Requirements

Internet/network Requirements

Software Requirements

No computer? No problem!
As a registered Fleming College student, you will be able to use our "Learning Resource Commons" which are shared computer labs at the Brealey Drive and Lindsay Campus locations. Contact us for more information.
You can also take advantage of the eLearn Network. Visit and learn more about their services and locations.

Skill Requirements
You should be able to confidently access the Internet and be familiar with your Windows software. You will need to be comfortable using a word processing package so that you may prepare your assignments. Some accounting programs require the use of a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel). You should be able to save and locate files on your computer and attach them to an email. Many course designs include online discussion groups where you can post questions and assignments to share with the rest of your class. You must have sufficient English-language skills to communicate with your instructor and classmates, complete extensive readings, tests and assignments.
Technical assistance is available 24/7 if your course requires you to install software or adjust your system settings.

Getting Help

Many, but not all, courses are supported by printed course material. To find out the required books for your course, delivery time and prices, contact the Fleming College bookstore at 1-866-353-6464 ext 1654. They will need the exact name or course code for your course. If you live out of town your books can be shipped directly to you. Please inquire about these books as early as possible to ensure delivery before your course begins.
You can also acquire your books elsewhere such as Amazon or but please assure that you have the correct book information and edition number. We do not recommend used books for computer subjects as many of their originals may contain sample software.

Finding the right Course for You
Currently available courses are listed at our main College web site, under Online Learning
The list will show only those courses that have not yet begun. Courses running in upcoming semesters will appear as that semester approaches.
If you are unsure of what course you should take, you can contact us to request a copy of the full-length course outline or to discuss your personal needs. We offer certification in several subject areas that require you to take certain courses in order.
If you are a post secondary student who wishes to take an online course to supplement or substitute a course that is part of your program, please consult your program coordinator before registering.
Once you know which courses you need, you can then register with us.


Getting Started
You will be able to access your course on or after the official start date for your course. If you registered late, it may take about 24 hours before your account is active. Visit our Get Started page to find out your login information.

Unlike our regular part-time courses, you have ten business days after your course begins to withdraw and still qualify for a refund (however, a $25 administration fee applies). There is no refund after that date. If you drop your course without officially withdrawing, your final mark will be an F (failed) rather than a W (withdrawn).

Final Marks
We will receive your final mark from your instructor approximately four weeks after your course has ended (it may be longer for courses ending in December). Once we have your mark you will be able to view it on your student portal at
See this page for for instructions about your Fleming student portal
Please note: Some courses require a higher-than 50% final grade to pass. Please be sure to find out the passing grade for your course.
If you are completing a certificate program we will mail a final transcript showing all of your marks and your certificate upon completion. If you require a copy of your transcript at any other time, please download and complete this Transcript Request form.