Your Student Portal
        at Fleming College

As an Ontario Learn student, you can access your final grades, tax receipts, transcripts and other information on your permanent student record at Fleming College. Once your course ends, your final grade is posted there.

Please note: It can take several weeks for us to receive your final grade from your instructor, especially if you completed a written exam that had to be shipped. Our Records Office is made aware of any undue delays in grade collection for post-secondary students needing to proceed into the next semester.

Accessing your Fleming Student Portal:
Go to

At the top right, click on myCampus login. If you have not used the portal before, click on the grey box where it asks you if you are new to Fleming. The login screen will flip over. You'll enter your student number (shown on your receipt for payment or any other official communication from the college) and your date of birth. This will then give you your student login information at Fleming College.

If you are unable to log in this way, please email to enable your account. Some accounts are disabled if you are not a current student.

Once you are logged into your student portal, take a look around. Some of the information pertains only to students enrolled in a post-secondary program, but many resources are available to part-time students as well.

Tip: Check "Resources" for links to our libraries and other services. You can also access our library directly by going to

Do not click on "My Courses" - that leads to our internal online courses which are not part of Ontario Learn.

Click on "Grades" to see the final grades for all of your course taken at Fleming College

Transcripts showing all final grades are mailed to students upon completion of a certificate program.
However, if you require a statement at any other time, you can download an unofficial transcript directly from your student portal.
Click "My Student Centre", then use the drop-down menu under Academics to choose "Transcript: View Unofficial" and use the round chevron button beside the drop down to get to the next page. Choose the Transcript option under "Report Type" and click on "View Report". You can then download or print the resulting page for your own records.
You can, of course, request an Official Transcript directly from our Records Office. Please fill out and send this transcript request form.

Final grades appeal:

If you feel that your final grade is not as expected, please contact us within 10 days of the posting of your grade so that we can investigate. Email a detailed request for review to
Because of the technical nature of these online courses, we may not be able to reopen a course once archived at semester's end and so any discrepancy must be reported immediately.

Your tax receipt:

Click "My Student Centre"

In the "Finance" section on that page, you will see a link to your T2202A form. It will be available by the end of February of each year.