Learning Online
      @ Fleming College

How do OntarioLearn courses work?
You will complete your entire course online. The only time you may need to come to the college is if you have an in-person mid-term or final exam. Not all courses have written tests - you will receive information about exams once you begin your course. If you are unable to come to the college to write in-person exams, alternate arrangements can be made.
Online courses have a start and end date. You do not have login to your course on the start date - anytime during the first week is fine. However, your access to your course is terminated on the end date of the course.
We do recommend that you log in at the earliest possible date to ensure that you are, in fact, registered correctly, and to take a look around to familiarize yourself with your student page. You will see a link to your course, a welcome message which you should read first, information about how your course is structured, upcoming assignments and your course outline.
Courses follow a Critical Path; students will complete a schedule of tasks that may include readings, URL visits, assignments, projects, discussions, and evaluations. While you can access your course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and generally do not have to be online at any specific time, you must follow the course structure and adhere to deadlines. Set aside a minimum of 4 hours per week to complete your course.

Course Length
You can expect to spend 4-8 hours/week per course. Some courses may require more time. The number of hours listed for your course are "equivalent to classroom hours". Therefore, the workload for a 39 hour OntarioLearn course would be about the same as if you took a course in the classroom. Generally, OntarioLearn courses run over 13 weeks.

When to Access your Course
Your course is accessible 24 hours a day.
Some of the courses may have mandatory group work and mandatory chats where you will be required to be logged into your course on a specific date at a specific time. On-line courses do require active participation through on-line communication with the instructor and other students and in some cases you will even receive marks for this participation. It is your responsibility to check the course schedule to ensure that you are meeting assignment, test and end date deadlines associated with each course.

Getting Help
OntarioLearn offers an excellent help desk to assist you with technical difficulties. You will find links to various supporting pages, phone support and live chat on your student portal at ontariolearn.com.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate hardware, software, language and basic computer skills required to undertake online learning.
If you feel that you need a little help becoming comfortable with online learning, you can contact the eLearnNetwork to find out how you can work on your courses at one of their locations. This will include support services, a high-speed connection to your course, and a comfortable learning environment.

Missed Deadlines
Each course has a critical path with an activity schedule and deadlines for assignments and evaluations. Some courses are more flexible than others. If you cannot adhere to the course schedule, contact your instructor immediately to see if you can work out an alternate arrangement. Any special considerations must be approved by the instructor. Please be advised that not every course can accommodate changes in schedule.

There are no extensions granted for on-line courses. To prepare the OntarioLearn system for the next set of startups, you will not have access to any of your course material beyond the official end date of the course.

Final Marks
We will receive your final mark from your instructor approximately four weeks after your course has ended (it may be longer for courses ending in December). Once we have your mark you will be able to view it on your student portal at www.flemingcollege.ca.
See this page for for instructions about your Fleming student portal
If you are completing a certificate program we will mail a final transcript showing all of your marks and your certificate upon completion.