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Important :

Although you can access your courses 24/7, you will be working along a timeline of assignments and evaluations. Be sure to log into your course to review those time lines as soon as the course begins to find your schedule of due dates.

Following is the most important information you need to get started with your OntarioLearn course.

Please return to our main page for more detailed information about OntarioLearn courses. Bookmark this page for quick reference.

Once you are registered for your course with Fleming College, you can log in on or after the official start date of your course. You will not be able to log in before that date.

Your login
You will not be able to log into your course until the official start date. If you registered on or after that date, you may need to wait until the following day before your account is activated.
Important: You should log into your course AS SOON AS POSSIBLE once the course has begun to ensure that you are correctly registered and that the course meets your needs and learning style. After the first week of your course we do not issue a refund for any reason, because your course fee will have been submitted to the host college. Most courses follow a timeline of assignments that cannot be delayed.

When you have logged in, your first task should be to update your student profile within your course with your preferred email address. Do not skip this step for each of your courses as your instructor(s) will use it to communicate with you.

The second task is to read everything! You will see a welcoming notice from your instructor, some initial direction, course schedules, outlines, expectations. Please go over all of this carefully before you begin your course.

Not all OntarioLearn or ACE courses require textbooks.
OntarioLearn: contact our bookstore as soon as you have registered to inquire about your course. Some books may need to be ordered especially for you. Please call 1-866-353-6464 ext 1654 with the exact name and code of your course to find out titles and prices.
You can also order online at / You will need the Fleming College course code to use that site.
ACE courses: Books, if required are sent directly to the participant. Contact Marla White at to order books if you are taking one of the following: Core Mathematics, Business Mathematics, Apprenticeship Mathematics, Technology Mathematics, and Physics.

Some OntarioLearn courses require you to write a final supervised exam. It is your responsibility to determine if and when you need to write your tests. You will receive this information from your instructor. It will also be shown on your course timeline/schedule and course outline.

We will make certain test dates available on which you can write your exam. All exam information can be found on our exam page.

End of course
In order for this system to function smoothly, your account will be removed from the OntarioLearn system at the end of the course. It is important that you review/download any assignments, marks, discussions that you may need in order to prepare for your final exam, if you have one after this date, or for your future reference. Contact your instructor of any feedback from him/her has not been received by that time. You will not be able to do so after the course ends. Please also fill out your course evaluation - this helps us to continually improve and update our course offering.

We will receive your final mark from your instructor approximately four weeks after your course has ended (it may be longer for courses ending in December). Once we have your mark you will be able to view it on your student portal at
See this page for for instructions about your Fleming student portal
If you are completing a certificate program we will mail a final transcript showing all of your marks and your certificate upon completion.

You may withdraw from your course up to 10 business days after the course start date. You will receive a refund minus a $25 administrative fee. There is no refund after that date.